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Skype and GoogleTalk available

skype googletalk

Skype and GoogleTalk available


Amazon Plans

Virtual In can sell your products on Amazon and Yahoo Japan websites.

For example, if you want to check if your goods can really be sold in Japan, or if
Japanese people could like them, we can make a test via the auction website Yahoo auction, Amazon or Yahoo shopping.
Besides there is a possibility to know what the buyer thinks
about your items.

The guarantee of the item is send to the buyer during the purchase.

Please send us your product with its pictures and its description.
We will upload the item on the website.

Our proposition is that we help you with the pictures, the design and the descriptions to sell more of your goods in Japan.

We have a certain skill which contribute to sell the items of many sellers in Japan.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Successful sale costs 25% of the sale price

System sales commission 10%
Japanese consumption tax 10%
Our commission 5%

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Japanese Orientated Amazon Page

495 USD

Eye-catching images allow you to sell more in e-commerce shop.
So, if you want to sell something on Amazon, Yahoo or any online store, professional picture of your products is the must.

Selling on Amazon here means crossing cultural borders that we are well versed in.
Let our models and designers give your product the full Japanese treatment!

The services you will get from us:
? Remove the product background and replace with a pure white background.
? Create shadow and reflection on your image so that it looks more realistic.
? Remove dust or any scratches so that your picture looks more beautiful.

? Sharpen your image and give proper lighting.
? Retouch, crop/resize your image to match your site design.
? Add graphics to your image according to your instructions.

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fulfillment by amazon Japan

Because Japanese people don't like to wait for their deliveries, they only buy goodswith short delivery time.

Then, if you want to have a chance to sell your product in Japan, it’s better to have stock there, and we can help you with that.

Indeed, we can send for you your product to Amazon Japan FBA.

Click on the picture for more details.

Amazon FBA japan




Independent Website Plans

Japanese Running Page Website

1800 USD/Page



A running page website simulates the endless feeds of social media recreating that same addictive scroll to hold your customers’ attention for longer.
Japanese models demonstrating your product are also included in this plan! Japanese people spend on average 5 seconds reading and deciding if they want your product. When they read your product listing, 7 tabs with competition products are already open.
Is your Amazon Japan listing ready to be the first choice? We can help you not only with the listing, but also with the products descriptions SEO. Click on the picture for more details.

Why choose us:
◻️ We are a Japanese company
◻️ Give you technical support & assist you
◻️ Quick and easy communication
◻️ 100% satisfaction
◻️ Timely delivery

Japanses Running Page
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Social Media Ads Plans

Facebook & Instagram ad is the most ideal and cost-effective way to reach Japanese and convert them into your end customer.

Facebook ads campaign for your business is easy to launch, however it's more difficult to select the specific Japanese target. As a Facebook advertising expert, we have over 6 years of working experience in this field.

That’s why we can be your Facebook and Instagram ecommerce ads expert in Japan.

We will do:
◯ Create & Setup Ads Campaign
◯ Ads Management & Optimization
◯ Target Audience by Demographics, Interests and Behaviors
◯ Custom Audience Setup
◯ Creative ad design
◯ Ad Content Creation

Types of FB campaigns We can run:
□ Brand awareness & reach
□ Website traffic/clicks
□ Conversions ads
□ Sales and leads for your product or service
□ Promote Facebook page for likes
□ Event promotion
□ Multi-product ads

Note: Buyer has to pay the ad cost. Our goal is to drive quality traffic to your Website.

Japan ads


Your Own Online Shop

6000 USD
200 USD/month
Your Own Online Shop

Are you ready to establish your product independently of Amazon or Yahoo?
We will produce a beautiful professionally translated online shop complete with banners and SEO along with our on-going customer support.

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Own Japanese Company

6000 USD
600 USD/month

Do you want to fully invest yourself into the Japanese market?Why not become a CEO of your own lawfully incorporated Japanese company?

We will help you establish and run your new business from taxes to staff hiring.

Things we can do:
◻ Open bank accounts for you, as well as Internet Banking accounts.
◻ Help with just establishing the company or help with employment of staff, market research and real-estate purchases.
◻ Help with leases or even share offices that have significantly cheaper rent.
◻ Do your end of financial year taxes and complete your tax payments.

Overseas remittance and executive remuneration are possible.

Why use us?

We specialize in selling products here in Japan and in our years of experience we have noticed that there are a few differences that you might not expect when selling to our convience-loving, surprisingly wary population.

Japanese Models
Japanese Models

Having Japanese models is a must.
The Japanese population is easily discouraged by seeing foreign faces being associated with certain products.

Professionally translated Amazon pages
Professionally translated Amazon pages

Just like having weird English on a website drives customers away, so does having odd Japanese!

Professionally translated Amazon pages
Japanese Orientated Design
Japanese Orientated Design

Japanese design can look messy and gaudy by western standards,
but the more explanation the better! For the Japanese market,
being able to read and be convinced of a product`s selling points is very important.

Packages sent within Japan
Packages sent within Japan

Packages sent from overseas take far to long for the Japanese population and as such,
most people will request a return on the product before it even arrives!

Packages sent within Japan

Shall we get started?

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